Sunday, October 11, 2009

Myung Dong Dao Mian

I've always loved Korean noodles for their firmer consistency. When my friend C told me about this kalguksu place I begged her to take me there.

On the menu there was also a spicy hot pot soup with beef and noodles (RMB70/person, minimum order 2 pax). I said to C: bring it on!
We got a tray-full of beef and veg for the hotpot. Everything tasted delicious in the spicy broth even though the beef could be leaner for my liking I wasn't complaining.
There was more than enough kimchi on the side. Loved it.
My kalguksu (~RMB40) came in a non-spicy but rich beef broth. In it there were minced meat, carrots, zucchini, and leeks. The noodle was made with wheat flour and water then hand-cut. The texture it soft and tender but not without bite. Loved it!
Last but not least we got to try the massive Korean steamed dumplings (~RMB25). I couldn't believe the size of them! The pastry was nice and thin and the finely chopped meat and veg inside was perfectly seasoned. If I hadn't had 3 bowls of noodles in my tummy I would have had more!
Myung Dong Dao Mian
2/F, Building 5-7, Lane 1051 HongQuan Rd.(nr.JinHui Rd. South), Shanghai. Tel: 3432-3258

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