Saturday, October 10, 2009


It was a cool but bright day and we thought we would fancy somewhere with garden seating. Mediterraneo fit the bill and I thought our last meal there was OK last time and I was happy to give it another try again.

This time we both went for the 3-course set lunch menu at RMB148/person.
Mu husband's parma ham and melon starter. It was as ordinary as it could be.
My salmon, tomato, and avocado salsa. It didn't disappoint as all the ingredients tasted fresh.
Mu husband's steak. He said it was average.
My home-made ravioli didn't look too promising. The pieces of shredded ham and frozen peas swimming in the overabundant sauce put me off. When I finally managed to fish out the ravioli pieces they were actually delicious. What a surprise!
Some kind of chocolate thing my husband chowed down nonetheless even though he said it was just alright.
My creme caramel was adequate but not delicious. I was after the ice cream anyway and I was happy nonetheless.
All in all a little pricey for what you get in terms of food quality (for example the 4-course set lunch at Issimo is way better for RMB20 more!). I guess it costs to have a nice huge garden to sit out.

1317 Wuding Rd. (nr. Jiangsu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5238-9533

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