Saturday, July 25, 2009

BA London to Shanghai

Rubbery scallops. They tasted more like erasers.
The boring side salad which I didn't eat.
Green chicken curry. It looked uber unappetising but it was actually not bad, other than the fact that it could use a bit more sauce.
Brekkie time.
If I didn't get water retention from the 12hr flight this salty English breakfast would do it.

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tzigane said...

wow......this is quite a collection of posts on airline food. my experiences with BA food is pretty similar - generally looks bad, usually taste even worse and the breakfast is usually the only relatively edible dish.

i find that asian airlines (on the premium classes anyway) generally serves better food. i fly SQ often and their food is pretty reliably good, and i also hear that etihad serves pretty good food. with wine, QF and Air NZ wins hands down for me but the quality of their food is, shall we say, patchy at best.....