Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Roast + Yorkshire Puddings

I love Sunday. Sunday we get to eat gourmet food because my husband is cooking. He is a much better cook than I am I have to say, and he is a lot ambitious when it comes to picking recipes.

This week we decided to make a traditional roast beef dinner with the whole 9 yards - Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes (delightfully fluffy and crispy roast potatoes, my husband corrected), and 2 veg!

The Yorkshire puddings were a big success! We ate 4 each. Look how light they are! Click here for the recipe for the roast beef and the Yorkshire pudding. The delightfully-fluffy-yet-crispy roast potatoesTM recipe is a secret one from my mother-in-law. :-)

We washed our dinner down with a bottle of Tasya's Reserve merlot 2003 - a Chinese wine (!) from The Grace Vineyard in Shaanxi. We read a review on a magazine and decided to give it a try. It was our first time drinking Chinese wine and for RMB188 a bottle it's not a bad wine at all. I think we will be buying more for our afternoon CSI marathons. We have also bought a bottle of cab sauv 2003 and the Chairman's reserve 2004. Will see what they are like.

For dessert we had the Sunken Chocolate Cake a recipe by Rick Stein - made from scratch by my husband:

We had the cake with amaretto ice cream we got from the Sheraton.

I am so full now I think I have to go and lie down for a bit. :-)

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