Friday, April 06, 2012

Yi Long Court

We thought we would get some decent dim sum as the chef is a Hong Kong based Michelin Star chef but I guess the emphasis is on dinner and not lunch. The few dishes we order were very ordinary and for the prices they were charging we were expecting much more. 

We weren't sure why we were given walnuts but they turned out to be really nice and crunchy.  It made even more sense considering how long we had to wait for our dishes to arrive.
Spring rolls with coconut fillings.  They turned out to be a mild curry sauce and the were underwhelming.  Would have preferred regular spring rolls.
Somehow sum sum dishes all came in three pieces.  Our har gau wasn't bad.
Beef balls were extremely average tasting, just like any microwave version.
Rice rolls with char siu was mediocre also.  We also got a fried glutinous rice dish (which took forever to arrive) and our bill came close to RMB450.  We felt that it was very very expensive for a mediocre meal.
Yi Long Court
2/F, Peninsula Hotel Shanghai, No. 32 The Bund, Shanghai.  Tel: 2327-2888

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