Thursday, April 12, 2012

Julie's Bistro

Our first visit to Julie's and judging by all he poutine dishes on the menu it's trying to have a Canadian twist.  Our chili cheese poutine (RMB90) was pricey but it's a meal on its own.  I usually prefer the plain version with just gravy and cheese but this one wasn't bad.  Could use a bit more chili cheese though.
 Slow cooked pulled chicken sandwich (RMB70).  I guess there's a reason why you usually see pulled pork instead of chicken as cjicken tends to dry out more, as in this case.  Not the best pulled meat sandwich.
 Classic cheese burger (RMB75) with extra order of fried egg.  Good burger but could go a little easy on the salt.
Julie's Bistro
2/F, Shanghai World Financial Centre, 100 Century Avenue (nr. Dong Tai Rd.), Pudong, Shanghai. Tel: 6877-9198

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