Thursday, April 19, 2012

Salm Bräu

We got to Vienna early evening and we quickly headed out for an early dinner before my husband headed off to his meeting.  We took the hotel's suggestion and found this neat brewery down the road from our hotel.  The place was packed already at 6pm and we took it as a good sign!

The menu was fairly big with Viennese comfort food items such as schnitzel, sausages, rye bread with different toppings, and tafelspitz of course. 

Since it was going to be a quick meal I resisted the temptation of trying the rye bread with toppings (which include a hot-and-spicy secret beer spread recipe, ham, salami, brie and pepper, you name it).  Instead I dived right into a bauernschmaus - farmer's banquet with smoked meat, sausages, roast pork, bread dumpling and beer cabbage (10.60).  Loved the sausages, smoked meat and ham.  The roast pork was too coarse and dry for me but it was very close to the version I had in Bavaria.  I guess it's how they like it!  I can't say I understood the bread dumpling.  The texture was very soggy and doughy it's what I would imagine bread would be like soaked in water.
Original Viennese schnitzel with parsley potatoes and cranberries (14.90).  A must try in Vienna I guess and it didn't disappoint.   Tender and juicy pork in tasty batter.  What else can you ask for?
Salm Bräu
Rennweg 8, 1030 Vienna, Austria.  Tel: 0043 1 799 5992

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