Thursday, April 19, 2012

Strada Cucina Italiana

We were happy to see Strada, an Italian chain restaurant, at Heathrow Terminal 3 as our other alternative would be sandwiches and I really wanted (and needed) a proper lunch before our flight to Vienna. 

Risotto verdure (₤10.25). Grilled asparagus on a risotto of edamame and green beans, peas, spring onions, courgette, spinach, white wine and mint.  It sounded very healthy and delicious on the menu but it came out really bland.  The lack of flavour made the dish very boring.
Strozzapreti pugliese (₤10.75).  Strozzapreti pasta served with Luganica sausage, cured pancetta and broccoli, finished with fresh red chili butter and Grana Padano.  It was probably the best food I ever tasted at an airport!  The ingredients came very nicely together and the chili butter was a genius touch to add to the already very flavourful dish.
Strada Cucina Italiana
Heathrow Terminal 3 Airside, Hounslow, TW6 12G, UK.  Tel: -2- 8564-7860

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