Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aniseed 大茴香

Even though I was not overly impressed with my meal at Aniseed Kerry Parkside I decided to give the SWFC branch a go. I'm so glad I did because the food at SWFC was so much more superior. It's going to be my favourite Vietnamese joint in town!

Aniseed house special pho (RMB42).  It was so good I chowed it down in no time.  I even asked the manager why it tasted so much better than the one at Kerry Parkside and she didn't seem to know.  She added however that I  was not the first person to mention it though. 
Bánh cuốn, steamed rice rolls with ground pork and mushroom (RMB32).  It was simply delicious!   Not only were the pork and mushroom very well seasoned, the chả lụa sausage on top was also the best in Shanghai.
Aniseed 大茴香
2/F, SWFC, 100 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai.  Tel: 6163-8567

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