Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nolboo 乐伯香翁烤肉

Nolboo is apparently a famous Korean chain restaurant with branches all over Korea and recently opened in Beijing, Qingdao and Shanghai.
We knew we were onto a good thing when charcoal was brought out for our BBQ.
Nolboo's signature dish: beef ribs marinated in clay pot (RMB88 for large and RMB78 for small). We naturally went for a large and we were very happy with the taste and quality of the meat. In fact we ordered 2 portions at the end!
Cold noodles with veg spread. I don't remember the price but it wasn't much. It was huge! Too bad the sauce was a little off with way too much vinegar and mustard. It was refreshing but a little thin in taste.
Lunch for two came to somewhere around RMB240 as I remember. Thank you C for showing me yet another cool Korean place in town!

Nolboo 乐伯香翁烤肉
Shop 306, 269 WuJiang Rd. (nr.MaoMing Rd.) Shanghai. Tel: 6136-1420

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