Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shanghai Uncle

We like Shanghai Uncle but dinner time is always so busy (plus its famous ribs are often sold out by dinner time) lunch seemed like a good option.

Malaysian beef curry. Nice sauce with tender beef it was more like randang beef more than a curry. Nonetheless it was yummy!
Shanghaiese noodles. Very rich and greasy but sinfully delicious. I don't know how they made the noodles but the texture was gluten-y and sticky which made it very interesting.
Braised lion's head - a must for a Shanghaiese meal. The huge meat ball was seasoned and braised in a rich broth. It wasn't bad at all but I do prefer the dry version with the thick sweet dark soya sauce.
Now the reason for the visit: Shanghai Uncle's signature dish - spareribs! Portion was so huge that it easily fed 4. Meat was so tender it fell off the bones in one go when I dug my spoon in.
We were so full as all the dishes were pretty heavy. Perhaps dinner visits are more suitable for sampling Shanghaiese dishes after all.

Shanghai Uncle
B/F Bund Centre, 222 YanAn Rd. East (nr. Henan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6339-1977

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