Thursday, November 12, 2009

Xindalu - Hyatt on the Bund

A quick lunch at Hyatt on the Bund - another relatively new and swanky hotel in the city. I have to say I was immediately left with a good impression when I was allowed to park right outside the main entrance. Usually for some strange reason (even when there are plenty of spaces) one is never allowed to park anywhere convenient in Shanghai. We think it's the doormen's way of exercising their limited authority and venting their job frustrations. Who knows.

Anyway. Back to the food. I have to say the menu seemed pricey but we liked everything we tasted. Our chicken dish had the nicest cut of chicken cooked with a hint of chili. I could easily eat another portion.
Beef with Hangzhou green peppers. Again the ingredients were superb and the cooking executed perfectly.
Braised beans with pork mince another excellent dish with the beans al dente. We also got some Shanghaiese rice with ham and veg to go with the dishes. Lunch came to about RMB320 - pricey but we will be back.
Xindalu - Hyatt on the Bund
199 Huangpu Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 6393-1234

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