Thursday, November 12, 2009

Barbie Cafe

I was rather happy to see that the menu in Barbie Cafe is actually very grown-up. As much as I like Barbie I didn't want my meal to look like plastic toys. I was told David Laris helped design the menu, it sounds like he's dipping in fingers in more and more of the SH dining scene by the day.

There were two set lunches on the menu: a sandwich set (~RMB60) and a business lunch set(~RMB90), both with a small dessert. The feedback on the sandwich was positive but the portion was a little stingy.
The business lunch had 3 courses. The deep-fried prawn starter in salt and pepper was tasty but I wished there were more.
My grilled duck breast for main. The meat was very tender and juicy but once again it was so small!
The famous Barbie burger with pink sauce. The pink stuff apparently was just like mayo and the burger was decent.
As I was still extremely hungry after my business lunch I ordered an extra spaghetti meatballs. Nice and tomato-y it would have been too small of a portion on its own. Perhaps we got the children's menu by mistake?
Barbie Cafe
6/F, Barbie Shanghai, 550 HuaiHai Rd. (nr. ChengDu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6171-6063

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that you got the children's size menu by mistake, I'd rather say servings are designed for a barbie-like body... ;)