Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Yue 1525

The various reviews I read about Yue 1525 were all positive.  Most reviews talked about a Hong Kong chef being in charge and that authentic dim sums are on the offer.  We thought hey why not?
While we liked the ambiance but that's about it.  The few dim-sum dishes we tried were nothing to cry home about.

The congee dish was a major disappointment.  No respectable Cantonese would serve congee like this one.  The consistency was all wrong and the congee base was also distinctively non-southern.  The chef was clearly not from Hong Kong.
The fried rice redeemed a few points but it was not the best we had.
A soupy noodle dish I ordered for my 1-year old.  Again it was clearly not Cantonese and it was actually not very nice either.  Won't be going back again.
Yue 1525
2/F, 1525 Dingxi Rd. (nr. Changning Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6225-8665

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