Wednesday, November 02, 2011

伊秀 Classic Sushi

My friend saw the restaurant reviews on a local food network and decided we should give it a try.  By the time we arrived we walked straight in without checking out the menu and the venue first - big mistake.
The place was set up as a conveyor belt sushi place.  We set down and looked at what was on the belt.  Not good at all.  Everything looked dull and old - a big no no for sushi.  I would normally eat supermarket sushi (and they don't always look too good) but I was honestly frightened when I saw the stuff on the belt. 
We decided to order from the set lunch menu.  My friend's gyudon (beef bowl) looked and tasted like Chinese stir-fry.  As a stir-fry it was not bad but as far as gyudon is concerned it was a big disappointment.  And why were there green and red bell peppers?
The rest of the dishes in the set lunch.  For RMB39 it's probably good value for some.  Perhaps that's why there are good reviews written about this dreadful place.
My beef udon (RMB29).  It was average at best but at least there were no nasty surprises.  
We sampled our food quickly and briefly and left hungry.

伊秀 Classic Sushi
Shop 304-305, 269 WuJiang Rd. (nr. Maoming Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 3250-1872

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