Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We tried the tasting menu at Chicha when it first opened its door.  We decided to try the 12-course tasting menu so we could try a bit of everything from the rather big and sometimes complicated menu, as we are not really familiar with Peruvian food .  To sum up our visit we were quite happy with the food in general but the thing I remember most about the meal is the fact that we had ceviche after ceviche as the dishes were served.  I heard that the tasting menu had since been improved and instead of ceviche there is more variety now.

Our first course was seabass ceviche. Loved the dressing and the freshness of the fish.
Our second ceviche.  There were thin slices of sea bass in a slightly different sauce with sweetcorn.
Another ceviche with octopus.  The dressing was quite similar to the second dish.  Surprisingly the octopus was not very rubbery and it was quite a refreshing dish.
Fried mushroom wonton.  A bit to the dry side and probably the dish we least enjoyed.
This was not part of the tasting menu.  One of our friend arrived really late and had to order separate from the a la carte menu.  She didn't think much of her salad, mostly due to that fact that it was drowning in dressing.
Back to our tasting menu again.  I'm not entirely sure what the dish was but it was a seafood dish for sure.  Crab meat perhaps?
Vegetarian risotto from a la carte menu.  It was very rich and filling.  We all had a taste and liked it.
Beef anticuchos from the tasting menu, they were basically skewer of beef with Peruvian flavours, served on potatoes and chimchurri.  I think it was the most delicious dish for the evening.
Pork chicharrones.  Twice-cooked pork with molasses glaze on sweet potatoes.  I don't remember much about the dish I have to say.
Rack of lamb.  Again I didn't get to try any but my friends loved it.
Grilled cod.  Fish was cooked to perfection and it was another welcoming dish for our non-raw-fish eating friend.
Fillet of beef.  I think it was much appreciated by our meat-lover friend and our pregnant friend.  By then I was too full after all the ceviche which many were not keen on (and they asked me to finish them off) and I didn't try the beef.
An assortment of desserts.  Cute but not really memorable.
Dessert from a la carte menu. 
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