Friday, November 04, 2011

Bravo 10

Bravo 10, a Spanish restaurant, apparently closed three months into its opening.  Why am I not surprised? Below-average food, bad service, and a somewhat off-the-beaten-track location - good luck.

We went for lunch and decided to go for the set lunch (RMB78/2 courses and RMB98/3 courses).  There were 3 soups or 3 salads to choose from but 2 of the soups were not available.  We settled for the vichyssoise, which was served hot.  It tasted like a blend version of cream of potato without much starchy potatoes.  On the Chinese menu the dish was labelled Spanish, perhaps just to trick the unsuspected and to make it sound more authentic, as nothing on that lunch menu was very Spanish.
We ordered a chorizo dish from the tapas menu.  It wasn't too bad.
Chicken breast in tomato and creamy sauce.  I could probably make a better tasting and looking dish and I am not much of a cook. 
Duck in orange.  Presentation was a bit better than the chicken dish but it was pretty dreadful in taste.  Duck was rubbery and overcooked and the sauce blah.
After our underwhelming courses we asked for our panna cotta and to our surprises we were told no.  The waitress said unless we indicated we wanted dessert when we placed our orders.  We spent 5 mins arguing that we were not eating at a fast food joint and reluctantly she agreed to change her till and added the dessert on.  Gee.  We didn't think we would ever go back again.  
Bravo 10
10 Baoqing Rd. (nr. Fuxing Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 6437-5805

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