Friday, November 04, 2011

Xiao Yang's Fried Dumpling 小杨生煎

I finally got a chance to try the legendary fried dumplings.  The perpetuate lines in the shop turned me away a few times.  It wasn't just the lines but rather the lack of system, as it's not very clear which line to go to.  Luckily on this fateful day my friend and I decided to have some dumplings after our extremely unsatisfying lunch at a sushi joint in the same food complex.

For RMB5 you get 4 dumplings.  First you need to line up at the cashier to pay.  Then you get a little receipt and you can line up to collect the dumplings.  The rest of the dishes are cooked and collected at the next window.   Then you grab a table.  A drag but there is some kind of order to it I guess.

The dumplings seemed quite greasy but I told myself not to worry as other patrons were eating them by the dozen!  The pastry was quite thin and almost crunchy, but sturdy enough to hold up the broth as well as the pork filling inside.  Everything tasted nice enough, and the broth came to a nice surprise as I didn't expect liquid inside.  The only issue was the broth, which tasted way too salty to me.   
Almost everybody ordered this beef noodle dish and of course I had to give it a try. I believe the menu suggested it's curry base, which got me very confused.  The broth had a very thin favour (read: salty coriander water) to begin with and there was no sign of curry taste.  Can skip it next time.
Xiao Yang's Fried Dumpling 小杨生煎
2/F, 269 Wujiang Rd. (nr. Maomig Rd.), Shanghai.

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