Sunday, January 28, 2007

Menard vs Menard

Recently I became a big fan of Menard skincare products. We started off using the Beauness Lotion and it has become my best friend ever since. I use it most days as a 'pre-toner' (only women my age would be using a pre-toner as well as a toner together), but it can also be used as a face mask - a fast and effective way to replenish moisture after your air travel. Soak up a paper mask with the lotion and 3 mins later - total transformation! It is also very good in getting rid of spots and ance. If you have a break-out or can feel one coming up, dab some Beauness on a piece of cotton and leave it on the skin for 3 mins. Repeat as many times as you can during the day. The spot will often disappear before you know it!

I am also a big fan of the Herb Mask. Again it's a 1-minute mask which you can quickly put on and wash off while your husband bitches at you to hurry up. It was my savior when we had a sailing trip back in the summer.

When we moved to Shanghai last year, I quickly discovered that Menard has a Chinese production line with a whole different range of products. The prices are at least 1/3 of its Japanese counterpart. As we all know being a middle-age woman I simply can not say no to a discount.

The tub on the left is the Japanese version of the herb mask and the one on the right Chinese.

The Japanese version (HK$560) has got 3 types of beads incorporated in the mask. As you put it on you gently massage it for 30 seconds and the orange and green beads will 'melt' into your skin. Leave it on for another 30 seconds and you have yourself a soft and radiant face.

The Chinese version (RMB$150) has only the green beads. You spread it on and wait for 5 mins before you gently scrub your T-zone before rinsing. Again your face will feel moisturised and refreshed afterwards.

Would I buy the Japanese version again? I guess for its 1-minute property I will have to reluctantly reach into my wallet again. I would like to know if there are any other fast-acting minute mask though!

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