Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jing'An Restaurant

It was our first visit to the then newly-open Puli hotel and its main restaurant Jing'An.  While we liked the spacious and roomy restaurant we were less impressed with the food. Not that it was bad,  but we felt that we were being charged a lot of money for very average food.  There was a set lunch menu with 2 courses at RMB188 and 3 courses at RMB220.  Daily specials such as fish and chips, burger, ham and cheese sandwich were available at RMB190.  RMB190 for a ham and cheese sandwich?  You have to be kidding right?

Cauliflower soup from the set menu.  My friend L picked it as it was the only hot starter amongst salads and liver parfait on the list.  The verdict?  It was OK and nothing special.  It's cauliflower soup after all.
From the set menu again omelet with salted cod and lemon.   L seemed to like it and she said it's quite an unusual combination for an omelet. 
I went for a beef tartare from the a la carte menu.  The beef was imported I believe but it was under-seasoned. And at almost RMB200 I thought it was a bit much.   We have not been back to the place since.

Jing'An Restaurant
The Puli Hotel and Spa, 1 Chang De Rd. (nr. Yan An Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel:3203-9999

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