Monday, February 20, 2012

Frankie's Place

A little gem in Hongqiao which serves authentic Singaporean and Malaysian food. I am still mad at my friend who somehow did not tell me about this place sooner. The food is always good I find myself back again and and again even though it's a long trek for me.

Cao Hor Fan - broad white flat noodles with veg, mixed seafood and pork (RMB32).  It is apparently Cantonese but I have to say I had not seen anything like it of all the years in Hong Kong.  My Malaysian Chinese friend told me however that this dish IS the ultimate comfort food for them in Malaysian and everybody loves it.  It's most likely a variation of a fried noodle dish from Canton but adopted a life of its own in Malay-Chinese cuisine.  I have to say thick and gooey gravy is never my thing.  I tried some nonetheless and it actually tasted pretty good.  Just think thick soup and noodles.  The dish always comes with pickled green chilli slices and I have to say the chili is a magic touch.  I can see why my friend orders this dish each and every time she goes to the restaurant.
Ayam limau purut, aka lime leaf chicken (RMB38).  I love all kinds of curries and this dish was to die for.  Love the lime leaf taste on top of the rich and flavorful curry base.  It was out of this world.  A must have!
Laksa Singapore style (RMB35).  I guess Singapore version is the version I am familiar with, but I should find out what the Malay version is like.  Loved the soup base and all the fixings, just like what you would get at food markets in Singapore.
Nasi lemek (RMB35).  It looked good and my friend's husband confirmed it.
Beef randang (RMB45). The sauce was beautiful and beef was tender and lean.  I have had drier randeng before but I prefer this version for sure. 
Frankie's Place
546 Huang Hua Rd.(nr Hong Jin Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 5476-1086

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