Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Duke of Wellington

Believe or not it was our very first visit to Portobello Market of all the times we were in London.  I suppose we are not really the type to dig through stuff.  We did enjoy looking through old books at the Oxfam there though.  When it was time to eat we would have been happy getting fish and chips from the chip shop but my dad wanted to have a sit down and a drink so we settled for the Duke of Wellington and expected the worst.

Dukes waldof salad (£6.95).  Although the stilton seemed to be missing but it was not a bad dish with crunchy apple and walnuts.
Fresh fish in Young's beer batter (£11.95).  Not the best fish and chips but it was OK.
Speciality British sausage sandwich with caramelized onion (£6.95).  It was probably the best dish of the day.  The Cumberland sausages were delicious!  Perhaps we had very low expectations but the food, although pricey for what you get, was actually decent.  Tip:  there is a chip shop 2 doors down called The Fish Pond and it's got the best chips in the world!
The Duke of Wellington
179-181 Portobello Rd., London, W11 2ED, UK.  Tel: 020 7727 6727

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