Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pho Real

A new pho place in town and we wasted no time to test it out. Lunch time was so busy the small joint was packed. We waited 20 mins and got given a table for 2 and there were 3 of us.
We all went for the lunch set, which came with iced tea and a starter tasting platter. The spring rolls were not bad but I didn't think much of the prawn cake.
I ordered some extra prawn rolls just to try out. They were a little plain and could use a little more prawns and less lettuce.
From the set menu you could pick between soupy pho or dry vermercili. I was told the lemongrass pork vermercilli was very tasty.
My pho was not bad and the soup base was not full of MSG. I wouldn't say it's the best in town though. Would I wait 20 minutes and sit in cramped place to eat this food again? Perhaps not.
Pho Real
166 Fumin Rd. (nr. Changle Rd)., Shanghai. Tel: 5403-8110

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