Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bella Italia

After a morning of shopping in Exeter and we got very hungry and desperate and we weren't too choosy in where we got food. We decided to give Bella Italia a try as it was not too far from the car park and as a chain restaurant we hoped we would at least get some box-standard stuff. (You know you shouldn't have high expectation when they serve you Sanpellegrino in cans.)
The menu was pretty standard after all: salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, meat and some fish. We decided to have the day's special pasta. It was very simple and edible. Nothing spectacular.
My meatball pizza was also a special of the day. To my surprise it was very spicy and I liked it!
Our Little One loved her spaghetti and meat sauce from the children's menu. She loved the coloring booklet and stickers too.
It was a very forgettable dining experience as the food did not have tends to be the symptom of modern chain restaurants these days. It still beats sandwiches from supermarkets I guess (but only very narrowly I have to say).

Bella Italia
92 Queen Street, Exeter, Devon, UK. Tel: 01392 211778

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