Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tang Palace

We were told Tang Palace has the most authentic dim sum in Shanghai. We tried to give it a try a number of times over weekends and we always ended up being turned away by the massive queue. At last an opportunity came on a weekday and off we went.
It was still packed over lunch and we figured the food had to be good? We decided to order everything to try. The first dish to arrive was BBQ pork with rice noodles. The pork was so fatty despite my request for lean, and the soup base way too salty. One out of five.

The seasoning on our deep fried calamari was nice but it was very strong and they became very overwhelming after a few.The fried rice was also packed full of flavours and it way too salty for me.
The rest of the dim sums were nothing special to be honest. They were bad but why would anyone want to queue up forever for mediocre dim sum? Royal China has better food and there is always a table.

Tang Palace
103 DongZhu An Bang Rd.(nr. Jiangsu Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6251-3960

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