Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We are back to Laris for its best-kept-secret weekend brunch once again. This week we had a very elegant-sounding string quartet to accompany out excellent meal.
My husband's scallop starter had the freshest scallops in a rich broth. He doesn't normally rave about scallops but this dish changed his mind.
The foam on my lobster bisque put me off slightly as I hate foam. The bisque did more than enough to redeem the dish though. Rich and full of flavours but not fishy I chowed it down very quickly.
We were totally greedy and went for the 4-course set, which had a number of egg dishes to choose from. The soft-poached eggs benedict tasted every bit as nice as it looks.
My lobster omlette was to die for too.
My husband's beef randang was slow cooked to as tender as beef would get. It's certainly an interesting interpretation of the regular beef randang we normally get.
I decided to skip the usual meat dishes and try the kimchi fried rice with seafood. Being a Korean food enthusiast this dish did not satisfied me completely. The rice was not dry nor firm enough; kimchi's taste had no depth (probably not very authentic) but the seafood was good.
The chocolate desserts from the chocolate factory did not disappoint. We will be back again!

6/F, 3 on the Bund, Shanghai. Tel: 6321-9922

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