Monday, October 03, 2011

Moon's Steakhouse

Another Xintiandi eatery in one week.  We know not to expect too much from places in Xintiandi but we figured Moon Steak could not be too bad as it had survived all these years.  Well my heart sunk when I saw the soup.  It was the kind I fear most: cafeteria cream of whatever soup straight from a can. The smell was enough to turn me off.

Fortunately the steak redeemed the meal.  The hot grill did wonders in sealing the meat and it was extremely juicy and tender, even at medium-well.  The only slight problem was that we got crisps when I was expecting chips.

My set lunch was about RMB120, which was good value.  I did notice prices for a la carte were very expensive.  I felt that if I was to pay RMB 400 for a steak I could go to a nicer venue.

Moon's Steakhouse
1/F, South Block Xintiandi, 123 Xingye Rd., Shanghai.  Tel: 6336-5683

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