Monday, October 17, 2011


Dinner at Issimo. The place was packed out! Admittedly we did not book but to be given seats at the bar when there were empty tables (and we actually waited for about 45 mins) was just off.

Antipasto.  Good quality meat but I thought it's cheeky to have half of it as mortadella.
Deep fried calamari.  Tasty and dainty batter and it didn't feel too heavy as a result.

House salad.  Nothing to call home about.

Grilled sirloin.  Big and juicy and grilled to perfection.

Pizza prosciutto.  Simple but yummy.  Loved the medium-thin crust.  It was just doughy enough and not too crunchy.

A pasta dish with truffle.  It was very rich and full of creamy truffle flavour but there didn't seem to be any pasta?  Very odd.

Profiteroles at the back, homemade rum ice cream and some kind of pistachio cream.  Both were so good that we stuffed it all in despite our already-full tummies.
2/F, Jia Shanghai, 931 Nanjing Rd. West, nr. Taixing Rd., Shanghai. Tel: 3302-4997

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