Sunday, October 02, 2011


Sunday brunch (RMB288/person) at Issimo was not a typical buffet.  At first we were a little disappointed but it was quickly apparent that the waitresses were trained to feed us well.  There were four starters for the day: tuna and chickpea salad, potato and baby octopus salad, sliced pork with arugula and eggplant.  My favourite had to be the eggplant!  I don't usually like eggplant but the zingy dressing made all the difference.

Two or three varieties of bruschetta was also served with our starters.

 Fried mozzarella.

For primo we had homemade ravioli and a bean stew.  Both extremely yummi.

Risotto was also on the list.

There were three choices for secondo.  My husband went for a pork loin with wine sauce.

I ried out fish grilled in basil and vinaigrette sauce.  Both were fairly nice but did not impress like the appetizers.

The dessert spread was spectacular.

Our selection.  Everything was excellent!

2/F, 931 Nanijing Rd. West (nr.Taixing Rd.), Shanghai.  Tel: 3302-4997

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