Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A late afternoon lunch at Ginger on the day we moved: it was a very nice sanctuary compared to the total chaos of our move.

My mint and orange tea (RMB45 I believe) was very warming and rejuvenating. It totally calmed my mood and my stomach down.

My husband's spaghetti Bolognese (RMB70). He said it was OK.

My Japanese bento (RMB125). From top left clockwise: homemade tofu, terriyaki chicken and some kind of potato fish cake, tempura fish, aubergine, vegetable sushi, and lastly brown rice with carrots and chestnuts. Everything was good especially the chestnuts rice but it's still a bit pricey for what you get.

Service was friendly and it was a pleasant experience...I just wish it could be cheaper.

299 Fuxing Rd. West (nr. Hua Shan Rd.), Shanghai. Tel: 6433-9437

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