Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jean Georges

Lunch at Jean Georges is easily the best in town.  The lunch menu is full of great choices with at least 10 appetizers and another 10 main courses to choose from.  The dessert menu was impressive too and for RMB218 you get to have all three courses it's really good value.  And I must stress that everything we tried on that day was delicious as well.  Plus valet parking and great service it's a really nice treat.

Tuna tartar, avocado, spicy radish and ginger marinade.  My friend dreams about this dish regularly and from the orgasmic noises she made while she consumed her dish I believe her.  I was lucky to have the chance to try a bite and I must say the ginger marinade was the winner.  Tangy and slightly spicy it's a pretty unique taste.
Parsnip soup with coconut, lime and mint.  I personally would not have picked soup from the wonderfully diverse menu but my friend C was pregnant and it might explain it. She was a little put off by the foam but she liked the taste in general.  I am guessing potato is probably used as well as parsnip itself would taste a little weird?
Sea scallops with caramelized cauliflower, caper-raisin emulsion.  Scallops were succulent and nicely cooked but I thought the cauliflower was a bit crumbly and awkward.  I did like the caper-raisin emulsion very much but I couldn't figure out what made it an emulsion?     
Soy garlic glazed beef tenderloin, potato puree and crispy onion.  Decent cut of meat and grilled to perfection.  A great dish.
Parmesan crusted organic chicken, white asparagus, basil and lemon butter.  Lovely piece of juicy chicken with delicious parmesan.  A bit more side dish would be great though.
Slowly cooked salmon, sweet and sour carrot sauce with basil.  The sauce was absolutely beautiful and slow-cooking gave the salmon a soft and flaky texture.  I wish I can cook fish like this at home.
We shared all our desserts and everything was sinfully delicious and smashing good!  Crackling lime tart, vanilla chantilly mousse.
Jean Georges chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream.
Chocolate creme brule, yogurt ice cream.

Jean Georges
4/F, Three On the Bund, Shanghai.  Tel: 6321-7733

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