Friday, March 18, 2011

MC Cafe Bar and Grill at ABode Exeter

We were hoping to go back to Michael Caines' restaurant as we had a very good experience there last time but the place was shut for the day! Luckily we managed to find a table at the more casual cafe next door and we were happy to see that prices were pretty much 50% of the restaurant prices. Not bad!

Antipasti (13.00) from the platters to share section of the menu. We loved every single item, although I have to say my tongue was getting numb from the salty olives and chorizo. They were so good I could not stop myself from eating them though.
Beef cheeks (~10.00). I have to say the foam did not make the dish look very appetising at all. Having said that the beef was tender and flavourful. It would have been nice if there was bread or a side veg.
I don't really remember much about my fish dish (~10.00) except to say that I finished everything in no time so it must have been OK.
Sticky toffee pudding and caramel ice cream (6.00). Not bad but it was a little too cake-y. We prefer the one at the Ness.
Treacle tart (6.00). Delicious!
MC Cafe Bar and Grill at ABode Exeter
Cathedral Yard, Exeter, EX1 1HD. Tel: 01392 223 626

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