Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jersey, Channel Islands

We flown into St. Helier in Jersey on the first BA flight. Gatwick was chaos as usual but the flight was very short (less then an hour) and it was pleasant enough, we were even served drinks and sandwiches.

Jersey was wet when we arrived. Dang. We picked up our rental car from Avis at its car park, which was a 5-min drive from the airport and headed to the marina (tip: use Eurocar or Hertz). The marina was easy to find and it was good to see our old friend N and his boat again.

After meeting the other crew member R, we walked into town to stock up for the week's provision. The high street of Jersey looked less pretty than I had imagined. In fact it looked just like any other high street in the UK with the same chain stores.

I couldn't help but to make a fashion police arrest. When Mr. T meets Grandpa. Note to self: avoid this Buzz Bar at all costs.

A frontal view of Mr. T for your enjoyment.

We found the town market, situated 2 blocks behind the main streets. A charming looking building, it reminded me of the market in Fremantle outside Perth. I suppose they would have been built in the same era by the same people if you think about it.

We spent ages admiring and buying fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. We are totally deprived of nice meat and veg in China.

The most impressive display had to be the seafood market next door though. Look at the size of the mackerels!

I was ecstatic when I saw all the cooked crab. There were also cooked crab claws and I seriously considered buying some for the boat trip but my husband said there would be tons of places for seafood and crab. Little did we know how wrong he was.

After the shopping we started our drive around the island to have a look around. At Ouaisne Bay we made a lunch stop.

A quick look at the Corbiere Lighthouse. It was getting cold and windy.

The boys had a look at the sand race after their WC stop. It was too cold and wet for me to even get out of the car. Like all over the island there was a Jersey ice cream stall near by but we were too cold to bother. We also thought we would have plenty of opportunities later but we were wrong once again.

At last we made it to the Jersey War Tunnels. They were built during the German occupation on the island in WW2. The tunnels were built as a hospital and it"s been turned to a war museum. The displays were interesting but the islanders sounded bitter about the lack of defense actions from the English government at the time.

The weather was getting wetter. We made a final stop at Gorey Village for dinner before settling for the night on the boat.

The next morning we set sail to Rozel Bay on the north shore of Jersey. A last look at the somewhat ugly and industrial St. Helier harbour.

The rain started half an hour into our trip and the sea was incredibly choppy with "confused swells", a new nautical term I learned (the hard way) over our trip. Luckily we had jolly N who didn't mind getting wet. Take note of his English summer sailing gear.

At last we arrived Rozel Bay. The sea was too choppy for us to launch the dinghy to go to shore but it was just as well. I was feeling way too spaced out from the seasickness tablets. The boys made spaghetti while I tried to get some sleep. It was weird the sea felt like a roller coaster ride all night. (The picture was taken the next day in much calmer condition.)

I have to say Jersey was a little disappointing. I had imagined it to be picturesque and a bit more French I guess. The weather certainly didn't help.

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